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Exclusive PUBG Mobile hacks (Emulator)

By Darren Kingman – Updated January 26th, 2023

PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Mobile is undoubtedly one of the most popular games of all time and it dominated the mobile gaming industry. This game was developed by Tencent games and published by PUBG corporation in 2018. This battle royale game is just like Apex Legends and Fortnite where 100 players will drop on a map at different locations and fight against each other to be the single person/ single team standing.

This game was initially released for PC on Steam where it got all the hype and even became one of the highest-grossing games of all time. This naturally led the developers to expand their horizons and develop a mobile version. However, the developers of the games were different and a Chinese mobile game developer company, Tencent games developed the mobile version of PUBG.

PUBG Mobile was released for both Android & iOS and featured realistic graphics and intensive gameplay that made it rank top of the charts easily. This game features several modes like solo, duo, and squads where people can team up with their friends or play solo. Additionally, this game also includes in-game voice & text chat that allows players to effectively communicate with their teammates.

The first-ever map in PUBG, Erangle is based on a fictional island in the black sea. The map features various terrain like forests, Cities, Mountains, and lots more. As the game progressed, the developers released new maps like Miramar, Vikendi, and Sanhok.

This game also includes a ranking system that allows players to compete against each other and even lets them compete against the world to compete on the global leaderboard. This game features 8 ranks where the lowest rank being “Survivor” and the highest rank being “Conqueror”. Each rank has 7 subdivisions where people start from the Bronze tier and can compete up to grandmaster.

The divisions in PUBG mobile are divided among the points earned from each game the player plays, so depending upon the point range the players will be promoted to the next division. And to earn points in PUBG mobile, the player has to consistently improve their gameplay, get more kills, survive for a long time and lot’s more.

The ranking system in PUBG also has a unique matchmaking system that places players of similar skill levels to have a fair fight and to ensure the gameplay is well-balanced. This game also includes inactivity point deduction where players can lose points if they are inactive for a long time without playing anything or even logging into the game.

Grinding your way to the top grandmaster tier might be a bit hard if you are a complete newbie to the PUBG world. But don’t worry, our PUBG mobile hacks from SharpenYourAxes helps you reach the highest rank in no time with the complete suite of PUBG hacks covering everything from advanced aimbots to wallhacks to ESP to radar hacks and lots more. We will be explaining everything about PUBG Mobile hacks in detail so you can decide how to start your journey to dominating PUBG Mobile.
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All-in-one PUBG Mobile hacks

Traditionally using hacks for any game isn’t fair and recommended but if you are fed up with continuously losing a game or hard stuck in the bronze rank in PUBG, then SharpenYourAxes PUBG hacks can give you an upper hand and an unfair advantage over other players.

PUBG has a strong anti-cheat system in place to avoid players from using any sort of hacks or cheats in the game. It has a unique combination of client-side and server-side detection methods to ban a player. So, it’s not easy to hack into PUBG mobile and even if you do, getting back online with a different account is hard as the client-side bans the player’s unique device ID directly.

This is one of the major reasons why HWID spoofer is on the raise. For beginners, an HWID (Hardware Identification) spoofer is a tool that is used to change or spoof the unique ID of a hardware component. In PUBG, it is mostly the device's unique ID that is used to ban the players.

PUBG Mobile developers have been constantly working on getting rid of the hackers from the game but it’s close to impossible. With the current technology, if one player gets banned, there will be 10 new hackers in the game trying to fill that position. This battle between the developers and the hackers is everlasting and doesn’t have an end.

So, how to choose the perfect hacks for PUBG mobile?

Picking out the right hacks for PUBG mobile is like picking a fish from the ocean. With the ridiculous popularity the game has gotten since it launched, there are many hacks available for PUBG mobile. When you look for PUBG hacks, there are a few basic things that need to be checked off the list.

For beginners, a need for hacking might be different from person to person. One might be having good aim but a bad game sense, so a wallhack would be a good companion and vice versa.

For someone who wants to be sneaky and stay ahead of the competition by analyzing every move of your enemy, a good PUBG ESP or a radar hack will take your game to the next level. It not only reveals the enemy's position but you can also see the loot through the walls and easily grab it before enemies do.

On the other hand, if you are someone who wants to fight against enemies, then a PUBG aimbot would come in handy. It lets you easily identify the enemies and shoot them without missing out a bullet, thereby you can be assured the enemy is dead if they are in your point of sight. So, let’s see about the different hacks available for PUBG mobile one by one.

Advanced Aimbot for PUBG Mobile

Irrespective of the game you want to hack, Aimbot is probably the basic feature of any hack you come across. Aimbots are basically hacks that will improve your aim and assist you while you are trying to hit the target.

This aimbot automatically lands your crosshair on the enemy’s head thereby making it super easy for you to hit the target, so basically, all you have to do is pull the trigger and the enemy will die. As simple as that, isn’t that amazing?

Additionally, the aimbot allows further customization to make your gameplay as human-like as possible, the aim assist settings allows users to set the speed at which the aimbot snap to the enemy’s head. The more you play around with the settings the more human-like and less suspicious you can be to your enemies' perspective.

This hack also allows users to set the FOV angle at which the aimbot has to trigger. This ensures you don’t spin and snap to enemies' heads makes less suspicious to enemies' eyes. In most cases, the recommended FOV for the aimbot is between 90 to 100 degrees.

God-Like Wallhack and ESP for PUBG Mobile

Wallhacks and ESP are the way to plays safely as they don’t evidently show you out as a hacker with the insane aim as you see with the aimbot. So, the ESP & Wallhacks are considered less risky than any other hack you can use but don’t underestimate the features.

The wallhack & ESP might sound boring but they provide a lot of value to your game by letting you see through walls and any other obstacles. With this, you get more information on multiple things like players location, health info, distance, loot items, and even to a level where you can see where exactly the enemies are facing & even what they are aiming at.

Our God-Like ESP gets you the absolute best with the immense amount of information you can get and clearly provides the god feeling with all the available information. The ESP & Wallhack also tons of customization options that can be found in the PUBG hack menu settings.

Ultimate Radar Hack for PUBG Mobile

Usually, if you spot an enemy on the map in your point of sight, the map indicates a small red dot for a few seconds indicating the location of the enemy on the map. What if that red indication was there throughout your game? Sounds exciting?

Well, that’s what a Radar hack does. With this PUBG hack, you will be able to constantly see the position of your enemies in the minimap and no one will ever know you are even hacking. And the best part of radar hacks is that it comes in different kinds, the first ones is the 2D Radar hack that uses a grid line in two different axes to locate the enemies on the map and the second one is a 3D map that lets you see the enemies bit better with more axes.

The Radar hack has endless customization options that allow players to customize their radar hacks according to their desire and playstyle.

How to use SharpenYourAxes PUBG hacks?

SharpenYourAxes all-in-one PUBG hack is super simple to use. This is a program that runs in the background of your PUBG game. Our hacks are designed for the emulator version of PUBG. So the first thing to do is to install PUBG on your emulator and run our cheats. It allows you to get a variety of benefits right from Aimbot to ESP to radar hack and lots more. Additionally, you can customize the hack settings in the background of your game and get benefited in real-time.

How to download SharpenYourAxes PUBG hacks?

To download SharpenYourAxes PUBG hacks, get started by purchasing the subscription for PUBG hacks and in the profile settings you will find the download option from which you can download SharpenYourAxes PUBG hacks.

Once you download, run the executable program while you run the PUBG game and it will modify the game files to get you the benefits. As simple as that, you have the PUBG hacks up and running in couple of minutes.

Additionally, you can also customize a lot of settings from the PUBG hack menu and customize them according your playstyle. Why are you waiting? Go purchase PUBG hack subscription and get ultimate powers.

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