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Rainbow Six Siege Hacks/Cheats With Aimbot, ESP/Wallhack, And Radar Hack

By Darren Kingman – Updated August 10th, 2021
Ever since the release of Operation North Star, there have been a few persistent bugs in Rainbow Six Siege that have needed to be ironed out, and this latest update focuses on many of them. A few major bugs have resulted in canceled actions crashing other players’ games, and these have mainly been quashed.

Rainbow Six Siege’s latest update was the Y6S2.1 patch, and this was mainly focused on fixing some of the issues that popped up after Operation North Star was released. For example, the bug in which you can vault over things silently has been fixed, ensuring that other players can’t sneak over obstacles without making a sound.

Operation North Star is here for Rainbow Six Siege, adding an all-new defender to the game and reworking what players can do after they die to provide more utility to their team. Ubisoft has made it clear that they’re still committed to refining Rainbow Six Siege’s gameplay and ensuring that the game stays fresh.

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most popular games that Ubisoft has ever produced, and the game is still going strong since it was released all those years ago. After so many years of content updates, Rainbow Six Siege barely resembles the game that it first started off as, but it has always retained that same charm.

Rainbow Six has always been a tactical shooter series, much in the same vein as Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Unlike other competitive shooters like CSGO, Rainbow Six features much more weight in its movement mechanics, making movement much more tactical and realistic.
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There’s no bunny hopping or anything of the sort in Rainbow Six, making it less of a traditional shooter but more of an accurate representation of how counter-terrorism operations would work in real life. This isn’t to say that Rainbow Six Siege is the most realistic game in the world.

For example, there are plenty of operator abilities in the game that are straight out of a sci-fi movie, so don’t expect complete tactical realism out of Rainbow Six. However, the game has some realistic elements apart from the movement that help make it feel less gamey than other shooters.

For example, if you shoot someone in the head with any weapon, even a pistol, you will instantly kill them. This helps make combat much more unforgiving, and it means that you need to have superior aim to your enemies if you want to be able to survive at higher ranks in Rainbow Six Siege.

Another thing to consider is the in-depth penetration and destruction mechanics that are incorporated in the game. True to its name, Rainbow Six Siege is a game about sieges, and there is always an attacking side and a defending time. The attacking side typically has tools to transform the map and create new entrances.

A lot of Rainbow Six is about the complex interplay between the attackers and their breaching abilities and the defenders with their ability to block off points of entry and lanes. Being able to master these strategies is almost as important as being able to mechanically defeat your enemies in a gunfight.

If you’re new to the game, you should start off by getting to know the maps and operators so you can know exactly what to expect from each match. If you’re trying to fast-forward your development in Rainbow Six Siege, then you may also want to augment your skills with some helpful cheats.

Rainbow Six Siege Hacks

Like with any competitive first-person shooter, Rainbow Six Siege has run into its fair share of issues with hacking throughout the game’s existence. This is because of the game’s highly competitive nature, which reinforces the need to cheat so you can beat the constantly improving matchmaking.

While you can play casual mode in Rainbow Six Siege, it is becoming nearly as competitive as ranked mode, and that’s a huge problem. Highly skilled players often group up in ranked mode so they can have a break from the constant sweating when they’re matched up against equally skilled players.
The problem with this is that it lets a bunch of veteran Siege players loose on people who just want to sit back and enjoy some counter-terrorist action with their friends. If you’re tired of running into pro players in every match of Siege and you want to enjoy yourself, hacks can help make that a reality.

However, you’re not the only person to come to that realization, and with every year that Rainbow Six Siege is on the market, the game is seeing more and more hackers pour into it. This is largely due to how affordable the game has become in the years since it was first released.

You can get the starting game for less than $20 at a wide range of online retailers, and this means that there isn’t much of a penalty if you end up getting caught hacking. Sure, you have to purchase the game again, but if it costs you less than $20, you really aren’t losing much money if you get caught infrequently.

You may be thinking, “Sure, the game costs $20, but what about all of the DLC?” Well, that’s another great thing about using Rainbow Six hacks. Most of our hack sets allow you to unlock every operator in the game without even having to pay for them, allowing you to get right back where you left off as soon as you load in.

Throughout 2021, Rainbow Six Siege’s developers will be working on reinforcing the game’s anti-cheat presence. However, as the number of people buying Rainbow Six Siege starts to dry up, the developer likely won’t see much of a point in sinking more money into the game to further evolve its anti-cheat.

Choosing the Correct Rainbow Six Siege Hack for Your Playing Style

Before you decide to go ahead and sink your hard-earned money into a set of Rainbow Six Siege cheats, you should know a little bit more about how those cheats work so you can pick up the right package. After all, there are many different kinds of cheats, and they can each impact your game in different ways.

For example, if you want the game to practically play itself, you can install a Rainbow Six aimbot that will allow you to run around and automatically aim at any opponents who enter your field of view. Along with determining the kind of cheats you want, you’ll also have to look at your playstyle.

If you like being a roamer while defending, for example, then you’ll likely benefit from a radar cheat that will display all of the enemies and their positions. You may also want to install an aimbot so that you can get a crucial edge in any firefights you get into while you roam about the map.

On the other hand, if you like hanging back while playing as an anchor, you may prefer an ESP that will let you keep track of the enemies and your teammates. If you end up being the last one standing, you’ll know exactly which direction your enemies are coming from, allowing you to more easily defend the objective.

Along with how you play the game, the cheats that you use will also be determined by your personal level of risk tolerance. If you’re cheating with your personal account and you don’t want to get banned, you’ll have to tone down the settings on your cheats so that it’s less obvious that you’re hacking.

You’ll want to adjust things like your aimbot FOV and smoothness to make your aim look more realistic. You may also want to consider disabling your aimbot altogether if you’re worried about getting caught by the automated anti-cheat service, as they’re usually the first hacks to get detected in ban waves.

Finally, consider whether you would prefer an external or internal set of cheats. If you use internal cheats, they’ll function better because they can integrate directly with the game. The issue with these is that they’re a lot easier to detect for anti-cheat providers, especially if they discover the loophole used to create the internal cheat.

Aimbot Cheats for Rainbow Six Siege

A Rainbow Six Siege aimbot will give you a crucial advantage when it comes to aiming since it will entirely automate the process using a bot. The effectiveness of your aimbot will depend on how it’s integrated into the game, as internal and external aimbots behave differently due to how they’re coded.

For example, since an external aimbot has to overlay on the game, it may end up being a little more laggy than an internal aimbot. However, what you lose in aim with an external aimbot, you make up for with improved stealth, making it much harder for anti-cheat to determine that you’re hacking.
On the other hand, high-end internal aimbots are some of the best-integrated mods, allowing you to seamlessly transition between targets. Internal aimbots also tend to aim more smoothly than external ones, making them more resistant to manual detection but less resistant to automatic detection.

There are also many features that aimbots include, allowing you to customize their behavior and performance to your heart’s content. For example, you can change which part of your opponent’s body your aimbot automatically locks on to, allowing you to make every shot a headshot, though we wouldn’t recommend it due to how suspicious that is.

Most aimbots will rely on you to press or hold a key to activate them, so you’ll still need to be able to react fast enough to hit the aimbot key. However, automatic aimbots will lock on to enemies the minute they enter your field of view, which you can adjust to make your aim look less fake.

For example, if you set the field of view lower, your aimbot will only lock on to enemies that enter your forward-facing cone of vision. If you don’t mind looking more suspicious to teammates and enemies, you can also set your aimbot to a 360-degree FOV that will snap to anyone around you.

Finally, you can also configure your aimbot to automatically snap to the next enemy after you’ve killed someone in combat. While this can be a little disorienting, it allows you to ensure that you aren’t caught by surprise if you get into an engagement with multiple members of the enemy team.

Our Rainbow Six Siege Wallhack And ESP Exclusive Features

There’s a reason why most of the operator abilities in Rainbow Six Siege are based on getting more intel about your enemies. Knowing the direction that you can expect attackers to come from or the lane that you can expect defenders to block off is one of the most helpful things in the game.

To be able to gather as much information as possible about your enemies’ positions, you’ll often have to structure your whole operator loadout and playstyle around doing so. If you want to play more exciting operators without having to worry about your loadout, you can always use a Rainbow Six Siege ESP.

These cheats are designed to display things like enemy and allied positions through walls, allowing you to determine avenues of approach and to blind fire on enemies through surfaces. A great way to take advantage of your ESP in Siege is to stay near an unreinforced wall where you can shoot enemies on the other side before they know you're there.
Most ESPs will also give you some degree of control over how you configure them. For example, some ESPs will allow you to determine what information they show you about an enemy. You can see things like how much health your opponent has left and even how many rounds they have in their magazine.

You can use all of this information to determine the right time to push enemies, and you can even use this intel to flank your opponents' positions. There are a few different ways that an ESP can display targets, including showing you their hitboxes so that it's easier to score a headshot or displaying them as skeletons, so you know the direction they're facing.

What makes a Rainbow Six Siege ESP so effective is that it can be used to display more than just enemies and allies. You can also configure your ESP to show you the positions of enemy gadgets so that you don’t end up blundering into one of Kapkan’s Entry Denial Devices or one of Ela’s Grzmot Mines.

Radar Hack for Rainbow Six Siege

Radar hacks can also help provide you with additional intel about your surroundings, and they’re particularly helpful in a game like Rainbow Six Siege because of the lack of radar by default. When you’re the only one with radar, you’ll have an invaluable advantage over every other player in the match.

Radar hacks can be configured to show you both enemies and allies, allowing you to keep track of how the battle is flowing. Radar cheats work by creating a small 2D radar display overlaid on your screen. This will show you where everyone is positioned relative to you as color-coded dots.
Just like with an ESP, you can use the cheat configuration menu to alter how your radar hack behaves. This will allow you to alter the size and position of the radar display itself, and you'll also be able to change the range at which it displays other players. You can even get your radar hack to display items and enemy gadgets!

Rainbow Six Siege Hacks, Why Do People Use Them?

There are many different kinds of Rainbow Six Siege cheats, and there are just as many reasons why people are using them. We’d argue that one of the most common reasons why people cheat Rainbow Six Siege is due to the game’s competitive nature and challenging gameplay that rewards experience.

The more time you play Rainbow Six Siege, the better you’ll get at it. This is because map and operator knowledge are two of the most important things for any good Siege player. However, it can take a long time to learn more about the game’s many maps and countless operators.

Instead of having to invest months of your life into learning more about Rainbow Six Siege, why not pick up a set of hacks that will allow you to replicate those very same results? Pretty simple math will show you that the amount of time spent working for the money to buy cheats will be far shorter than the amount of time you’d spend mastering Rainbow Six.

Another thing about Rainbow Six Siege that makes hacking it an attractive prospect is the game’s realistic nature. Since headshots will instantly kill any operator, aimbot Rainbow Six Siege hacks will be far more powerful if you configure them to lock on to your enemy’s head.

There’s also relatively little info provided to the player through their HUD, meaning that something like a Rainbow Six wall hack will give you a huge advantage. Penetrable walls ensure that you can shoot someone through a wall without any trouble, making you even more overpowered.

Exclusive Rainbow Six Siege Hacks from SharpenYourAxes

If you want to hack Rainbow Six Siege, then we’re one of the best cheat providers you can opt for. We offer our cheats in helpful packs that contain pretty much everything you’ll need to get started cheating in your game of choice. Compare this to other cheat sellers, who may sell things like aimbots and ESPs separately.

When you buy hacks from us, we’ll leave the choice in your hands when it comes to the cheats that you want to use. If you don’t want to use an aimbot, feel free to disable it, but we’ll give you the option to use it without having to pay extra for it. Also, we only sell top-quality cheats that are both bug-free and hard to detect.

If you're sick of dealing with confusing installation instructions and convoluted setup menus, then you'll be happy with our cheat packages. We've designed our cheats to be beginner-friendly because we understand that not everyone is well-versed in installing cheats, and there are plenty of people who are curious but intimidated by the idea of hacking.

Our hand picked Rainbow Six Siege Hacks

Rainbow Six Siege Hacks, Aimbot, Norecoil, ESP, Wall Hacks & More

RBS: Intel Hack

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Windows 10 (build 1903,1909,2004,20H2)
Intel CPU Only
Virtualization must be enabled
HWID Locked


  • Boxes
  • Bones
  • Glow
  • Health
  • Distance
  • Items
  • Team/friendly check
  • Visibility checks


  • FOV
  • Smooth
  • Mouse and memory Aim
  • Aimbot key selector
  • Aim bone selector
  • Visibility checks
  • Lock target

Special Options

  • Adjustable no recoil
  • Adjustable no spread
  • No flash
  • Radar hack
  • Long knife

RBS: Classic Hack

Learn More

Windows 10 (build 1903,1909,2004,20H2)
HWID Locked


  • Box
  • Distance
  • Health


  • FOV
  • Smooth
  • Aim Key
  • Auto Switch to next target
  • Silent aim

Special Options

  • No recoil
  • No sway
  • No flash
  • Unlock all character , skins, weapons, etc

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the differences between the hacks?
Each hack differs from one another due to them being developed by various teams of Rainbow Six Siege cheat developers. While some hack makers may focus on making their cheats as compatible as possible with various sets of hardware, others will try to focus on making their product as bug-free as possible. Closely research each cheat to see which will work best for you.
Q2. What is Aimbot smoothness?
Aimbot smoothness is designed to make your gameplay look less suspect when you're being spectated or when enemies are watching you through the killcam. Since teammates will often spectate you after dying in Rainbow Six Siege, you'll want to ensure that you turn up your aimbot smoothness, so it doesn't look like you're hacking.
Q3. What is Radar Hack?
Radar hacks are one of the best ways to always know where enemies are located, especially since Siege doesn’t have a minimap. A radar hack will create a 2D display on your screen that will typically show you where enemies are located, though you can also configure a radar to show you teammates and even gadgets.
Q4. What is No Recoil hack?
No recoil hacks work well with operators that have high-recoil guns like the SAS’s SMG-11. When you use a no recoil hack, recoil is either heavily reduced or entirely eliminated, giving you superlative control over your weapon. Keep in mind that this kind of cheat may be noticeable through killcams.
Q5. Are the Rainbow Six Siege hacks safe to use?
In most cases, our Rainbow Six Siege hacks are entirely safe to use because we ensure that they’re as well hidden from anti-cheat programs as possible. However, this doesn’t make you impervious to getting banned. If you end up getting caught by someone spectating you, they may manually report you, causing you to get reviewed by a community manager.
Q6. What happens if I get banned using your cheats?
You typically won’t get banned using our cheats because we inform our clients as soon as we find out that one of the hacks they’re using has been caught by anti-cheat services. As long as you disable your hacks on time, there’s no reason why you should be getting banned if this happens. Regardless, we take absolutely no responsibility for your account if you do end up getting banned.
Q7. Where can I download the Rainbow Six Siege cheat loader?
As soon as you purchase a Rainbow Six Siege hack package, we’ll send you an email that contains all of the details of your order. Along with your receipt, we’ll send you a link at which you’ll be able to download the cheat loader for R6 Siege.
Q8. Do you offer customer service?
We have a customer service department that is dedicated to answering the questions of our paying customers. Whether you have an issue getting your cheats configured or if you’re stuck in the installation process, our trained agents will be able to help you work through any issues you encounter with your Rainbow Six Siege hacks.
Q9. What is Hwid locked loader?
When you install cheats using an HWID locked loader, the loader will lock itself to the unique ID of your computer. From that point on, you won’t be able to use the cheats on any other machine, so you’ll want to be sure that you install your cheat loader to your main gaming PC. If you want cheats on multiple machines, you’ll have to purchase them several times.
A9. HWID locked loader does not allow you to use the same cheat across different devices. By activating the serial key in the Hack’s loader, you can lock your cheat on your PC. Thus, sharing the cheat on another device will cause an error. This maintains the privacy of our cheats and prevents players from sharing them with their friends.
Q10. Do I need a hwid spoofer?
Using an HWID spoofer allows you to keep your computer safe from hardware bans, which are growing more and more popular amongst anti-cheat makers. Without an HWID spoofer, you run the risk of having your computer permanently banned from any game using that kind of anti-cheat.

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